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celebrating black design

This February, COLLECTION is honoring the work of black designers with Celebrating Black Design: a capsule collection of designer vintage fashion spanning the 1960's through present day. These designers' clothes, and their history, is the story of modern American fashion: they include 1970s breakout ready to wear designer Stephen Burrows, champion of 1980s opulence Patrick Kelly, and 1990s fashion wunderkind Patrick Robinson.

We also highlight the work of lesser known black designers such as jeweler Bill Smith and Los Angeles local Simon. The pieces in the collection represent a broad spectrum of aesthetics united only by the fact that their creators are black, and while race is a limiting lens through which to examine design, it is important to celebrate the work of these artists whose contributions may still today be overlooked in dominant white culture.

At a time when the civil rights of so many are being threatened, it's our privilege to shed light on the work of these black American artists. All proceeds from the sale of the collection will be donated to Black Lives Matter.

To keep up with Black Lives Matter Los Angeles, please follow:
Facebook: Black Lives Matter-Los Angeles
Twitter: @BLMLA
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